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    We try to find the best match between our homeless animals and their new owners. We operate a no "time limit" policy for all the animals we have available for adoption - we will care for them until we find the very best home for them.

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  • Education

    The North Taranaki SPCA has been dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals since 1912. Education plays a key role in cruelty prevention.
    Our goal is to give people the knowledge and resources necessary to care for animals and prevent cruelty to them. We endeavour to build empathy in children and adults, towards people and animals.

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  • Microchipping Your Pet

    Maximise your chances of being reunited with your pet during or after a disaster, or at any time…
    Get your pet microchipped and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR).

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Animals in Emergencies

Animals in Emergencies

If your pet is unwell or injured, contact your vet.  If you come across a sick of injured stray animal and you are unable to locate the owner, contact the SPCA for advice.

Civil Defence Emergencies

Animals matter in disasters - your pets are a part of your family so 'make a plan' to keep them safe!

The Christchurch earthquake has just made us all aware of how important it is to be prepared for a disaster. While an earthquake is terrifying for us, it is equally so for our pets. They get scared too. We know how important it is to make sure that our families are safe but what can we do for our pets?

If you would like a Pet Emergency Sticker (cost $4) - to alert emergency services that you have animals on your property, please contact us to have one sent to you. This sticker must be displayed in a prominent place on your doors OR windows and be clearly visible to emergency services.


What can you do to prepare for a disaster? Follow this plan to include your pet during a disaster:

1. Include pet food in your survival kit. Remember when working out how much water you need for your family to include some for your pet too.
2. Make sure your pet has up-to-date identification so you can be reunited if you get separated. Microchipping is one of the best forms of identification ― this can be done at the SPCA or by your  vet ― make sure your pet’s microchip is registered with the national microchip database. This will give you and your pet a greater chance to be reunited.
3. Create a Pet Disaster Survival Kit. Make sure it is easy to access and, if time permits, take it with you if you have to leave your property.
4. If you must leave your home quickly, collect your pet, cover them with a towel or blanket or put them in a pet carrier (if pet is small) or put on a lead (if pet is large). You can also use a pillowcase for a cat or small animal and hold/tie this closed at the top. Leave their toys and bedding behind ― urgency and safety is paramount. If it is safe to do so, it would also help to leave a note on the front door for emergency services stating that you and your pets have left the property.
5. If leaving is not possible, keep your pets close to you.
6. After the crisis has past, comfort your pet with soothing words and lots of cuddles.
If you have to leave, take your pet with you. Your pet cannot survive without you and you may not be able to return to your property for several days.


A pet carrier or crate
Pet collar, lead and/or harness
A pet towel or blanket
Pet identification – a collar and tag with your contact number, if your pet is not microchipped
Enough food and water for seven days
Enough medication (if needed) for seven days
Bowls for food and water
A tin opener
Photos of your pet
Emergency contact list for your local authorities, vet and animal rescue centres
Litter tray and litter (for cats)
Poo bags (for dogs)
Cleaning solution
A backpack or container to carry everything

Click here to download a copy of this plan and survival kit.


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