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    We try to find the best match between our homeless animals and their new owners. We operate a no "time limit" policy for all the animals we have available for adoption - we will care for them until we find the very best home for them.

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  • Education

    The North Taranaki SPCA has been dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals since 1912. Education plays a key role in cruelty prevention.
    Our goal is to give people the knowledge and resources necessary to care for animals and prevent cruelty to them. We endeavour to build empathy in children and adults, towards people and animals.

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  • Microchipping Your Pet

    Maximise your chances of being reunited with your pet during or after a disaster, or at any time…
    Get your pet microchipped and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR).

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Other Animals for Adoption

Adopting a Rabbit, Guinea pig, Hen, Rooster, Rat or Bird

North Taranaki SPCA often has available rabbits needing loving new homes. We sometimes have guinea pigs, hens, roosters and birds available for adoption, such as the pets currently listed here.
To adopt one of these small pets, please phone to check we have the type of pet you are interested in available for adoption.

You will need a hutch or cage that meets our requirements before you can adopt a small animal. Our size requirements are:


Minimum hutch size is 2m x 800mm x 800mm. There must be a dry bed box area for the rabbit to shelter in during bad weather. The hutch must have doors that close securely.

Guinea pigs

Minimum hutch size is 2m x 800mm wide x 400mm high. There must be a dry bed box area and the hutch must have doors that close securely.

The minimum cage size for a rat is 1m x 600mm x 600mm. The cage must have levels and ladders for the rats to climb on and an enclosed bed area or hammock.

In most instances we require birds to be adopted to aviaries. If you already have a hutch or cage an Animal Welfare Inspector may come out to your home to inspect it. Your hutch or cage will need to be an adequate size to contain and protect the pet you wish to adopt.

Other Animals

Other animals occasionally come up for adoption such as goats, horses and stock.

Adoption Fees

Rabbits - $49 -$59 (includes vaccination).
Goats - $30

Guinea pigs - $10
Rats - $10
Birds – varies according to breed

All other animals, price on application





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